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Why Greenviewer

Searching through piles of drawings of your golf course, which are no longer up to date? Hard to find information about the irrigation, drainage and want to know about the size of your fairways and greens? Sounds familiar? Greenviewer is now available for you. 

Greenviewer is an online application specially made for Golf Courses. Gain insight into all the information about your game elements from your computer to your mobile phone. By always having the right data available, management can be carried out and registered simply and on the spot. With pictures and user friendly interfaces, monitoring and determining the quality of your golf courses has never been so easy.

What we can offer

Greenviewer offers several modules and functionalities that can help you with your tasks. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, so we may further explain the possibilities.

Map your golf courses

Greenviewer contains a digital map in great detail with all golf course elements and objects that needs to be managed. All necessary information can be registered, this gives a quick overview of all data. No map data available yet? The Greenviewer team is able to help with mapping the golf course.

Notify users

Greenviewer offers possibilities to add notifications to the map, such as damages, accidents or tasks that needs to be performed. Simply click on the map and provide the necessary information. Users that are involved can be notified automatically.

Determine the desired quality of your golf courses

In Greenviewer you can determine what the desired quality should be for each game element. A visual quality assessment manual can easily be generated with all the quality requirements. This visual quality assessment manual can be used to discuss the state of the golf course.

Assess the quality of your golf course

Assess and register the visual quality of the golf course elements on location with your phone or tablet. Simply pick the quality that best describes the current state of the golf course element. Add an image and additional information and register the results. You can inspect the data with your manager and/or other interested parties so you can have a clear conversation about the quality of the golf course elements.

Report the quality of your golf course

After an visual assessment, a report can be generated automatically. This report will give an overview of the entire golf course with all the locations that were assessed. Each independent object that was assessed gives information about the desired visual quality and the quality that has been realized. This report can easily be shared and used in board meetings.



Precision management

Greenviewer provides all necessary functions for precision management of your golf course. The most commonly used functionality is to create precision tasks for maintenance, based on the results of scans with multispectral drones and soil mapping. This reduces the maintenance costs to a great extend while improving the quality of the golf course.

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